Drug and Poison Infromation Center (DPIC)

Main activities


Answering to the phone calls related to the drug and poison cases

Submitting the reports of medicinal side effects to the Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) center

Holding “toxicity prevention week”

Implementing “Norouz standby plan” in DPICs

Cooperation in producing educational programs regarding drugs, prevention and treatment of poisoning for radio and TV channels

Compiling instruction for treatment of drug poisoning and NBC attacks

Assisting to run DPIC in universities and issuing establishment license for private DPICs

Preparing and submitting the reports of the DPICs of all over the country

Holding professional retraining workshops for DPIC experts

Holding DPIC related retraining workshops and seminars for medical community


Side Activities

Assisting patients who need rare drugs and advising them

Providing answers to the expert and scientific questions sent by other organizations and offices