Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission and Goals

  1. Training staff in order to provide, maintain and promote physical, mental, spiritual and social health services for the considered population
  2. Promoting justice in provision and distribution of research and educational services
  3. Take the highest level of satisfaction from customers
  4. Providing the context to incorporate religious teachings with academic materials
  5. Achieve to the scientific pole in order to increase the contribution of the school in educating scientists and researchers in the field of medical sciences
  6. Attending international arena in education and research
  7. Contributing to the national policies and management of the educational system of the country
  8. To provide and develop resources to effectively apply in the educational system



  1. We are aiming at training students who are superior to their masters in their profession.


Situation Analysis

  • Strength: the university believes in:


  • Decentralization
  • Taking advantage of the ideas of expert groups and committees
  • Delivering electronic services
  • Self-assessment of the performance
  • Making efforts to develop education and special therapies and complementary services
  • Expanding regional and international cooperation


  • Existence of general and specialized for education and research
  • Availability of a variety of under-grad and graduate study fields
  • Existence of appropriate research basements
  • Existence of the school procedures and availability on the website
  • Shift in the financial system of the university