To develop and apply human knowledge to promote social, health, treatment and quality of life of elderly people in region and across the country

To produce and apply advanced knowledge in the field of healthy and active gerontology through research and innovation in interdisciplinary education and modeling in providing elder with healthcare services

Conducting basic epidemiologic and clinical researches in the field of gerontology in order to meet the needs of the Islamic society independently or joint with other universities and organizations

To persuade, encourage and support top researchers in the field of gerontology

To promote the scientific-research position of Gerontological Care Research Center

To increase science production in the field of gerontology nationally and internationally by holding related congresses and seminars

Collecting, categorizing and writing articles in the field of gerontology and publishing them through the journal of research center

Putting in effort to foster scientific collaboration with national and international research centers

Training expert researchers according to the goals, activities and duties

Offering scientific, technical and consulting services to other academic and research centers