Services & Activities

Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Services & Activities

The main activities that are done in the ADR center include:

  1. Establishing relation with healthcare authorities, and local and national institutions and committees working in the field of medicine
  2. Designing specific form for submitting reports on ADR and gathering information from hospitals, physicians and others through this forms
  3. Publishing materials regarding definitions, goals and methods available in pharmacovigilance
  4. Gathering and analyzing information about drug side effects and examining the accuracy of them
  5. Interpreting and codifying reported ADRs
  6. Codifying drugs suspected to cause ADR and filing them in the center
  7. Identifying causal relation between drug use and reported ADR
  8. Identifying drug safety signals
  9. Examining the balance between advantages and disadvantages of using a drug and controlling the risks resulted from its use
  10. Organizing gatherings in hospitals, institutions, professional associations in order to describe the principles of pharmacovigilance and the importance of report delivery and other educational activities that lead to enhancement of knowledge regarding ADR
  11. Establishing relations with international organizations that work in the field of pharmacovigilance like WHO