Medicine Unit

Dr. fatemeh Abdol Abadi

  1. Implementing bylaws, criteria and regulations related to the pharmacies
  2. Registering eligible applicants for pharmacy establishment and drug distribution companies
  3. Gradingpharmacy establishment applicants as the secretariat of legal commission for pharmacies’ affairs
  4. Making suggestions for drafting and adjusting the bylaws and regulations, and clarifying Ambiguities and problems in the regulations offered to the Ministry of Health
  5. Comparing the population growth rate with the need of the NKUMS affiliated pharmacies in North Khorasan
  6. Reviewing and putting forward new operational and legal solutions to improve the pharmacy services
  7. Addressing the issue of pharmacy establishment in commission article No. 20
  8. Addressing the issue of simultaneous demolition and establishment of pharmacy at the same place
  9. Addressing the issue of qualification of Technical Officer of the Pharmacy
  10. Addressing the issue of pharmacy
  11. Recognition of pharmacists years of experience
  12. Investigating pharmacies’ offenses and executing related rules and regulations
  13. Investigating the issuance of pharmacy technical manager certification


Dr. Mohammad Bagher Oghazian

  1. Providing certain drugs for pharmacies through private companies
  2. Taking necessary actions to provide the needed drugs of hospitals and other health centers, supervision and investigation on the university affiliated health centers and other centers.
  3. Continuous monitoring of the public pharmacies
  4. Investigating the drug delivery service in the hospitals
  5. Observing the preservation of drugs in different sectors
  6. Monitoring the drug preservation based on regulations
  7. Supervision on drug committees of the hospitals
  8. Evaluation of the hospital pharmacies
  9. Supervision on drug affairs unit
  10. Evaluation of drug affairs of health networks


Dr. Yasaman Majbouri Yazdi

  1. Observing the pharmacies, distributing companies, herbal shops, and gyms.
  2. Responsible for traditional medicine
  3. Following up the Smuggling cases 


Ms. Atefe Hosseini

  1. Monitoring the pharmacies and distributing companies, archiving the documents related to the investigations and pharmacy reports.
  2. Documenting and reporting the statistics about cosmetics and drug smuggling

Ms. Esmat Ranaei

  1. Responsible for special and hard to treat patients
  2. Responsible for discounts on drugs for special patients
  3. Registering transplant patients of the province to the ministry of health for drug provision
  4. Following the factors and metabolic drugs and delivering the reports to the ministry of health
  5. Registering the metabolic patients of the province to the office of food and drug for drug allocation


Ms. Maryam Asadi

  1. HIX Officer
  2. Collecting prescriptions and concluding them
  3.  Granting and revoking licenses


Ms. Nastaran Asghari

  1. Documenting and collecting the statistics of the drugs under control
  2. Following up the drug shortages in the province
  3. Following up the complaints
  4. Investigation on herbal shops of the province