Department of Orthopedic, Anesthesiology and Surgery

Department of Orthopedic, Anesthesiology and Surgery


Head of the Department

Dr. Reza Ganji, Assiastant Professor, Sub-Specialty of Hip & Knee


About the Department

Department of Surgery has started working since 2009 in different fields of general surgery, anesthesiology, ENT, Ophthalmology, orthopedic and neurological surgery.Imam Ali and Imam Hassan Hospitals having up to date medical equipment, are ready to perform a lot of surgeries. Post-doc and undergraduate students spend their theory and clinical units in the above mentioned hospitals and under the supervision of this department.

It is notable that having operation rooms equipped with the latest medical technologies and the presence of post-doc students together with applying the most up-to-date educational methods has prepared an ideal environment for training students.