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The state of North Khorasan is located in northeast of Iran with an area of 28,179 km and a population of 867,727 people. Bojnurd is the centre of the state and other townships are Jajarm, Garmeh, Esfarayen, Mane-o-Samalqan, Shirvan and Farouj.

North Khorasan state contains many historical and natural attractions, such as mineral water springs, small lakes, recreational areas, caves and protected regions, and various hiking areas. A total number of 1300 historical relics have been recorded in the state by the Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism organization.

North Khorasan has a heterogeneous population, consisting of different ethnic groups such as Fars, Kurds, Turks, and Turkmen tribes whose cultural mingling has made the name of 'Treasure of Cultures' becoming for the province.

North KhorasanUniversity of Medical Sciences provides its educational services through many fields of nursery, midwifery, anesthetics, operation room (Associate Degree), medical emergency (Sequential B.S.), medicine, laboratory science, dentistry, geriatric nursery (Master of Science), environmental health (Associate and Bachelor Degree) public health, occupational health (Major and Sequential), medical and nursery emergencies and family medicine in the schools of medicine, dentistry, nursery and midwifery and health inBojnurd and the schools of nursery in Shirvan, Mane and Samalqan. It covers a population of 750942 people in North Khorasan state with its health care services through 7deputies, 6 health care networks, 6 hospitals and a health care center. The approved hospital beds are 804 beds and the bed occupancy was 80% in 2015.